Benefits of Traveling

A lot of people take traveling as a hobby, a way of life or simply a part of vacations. But Traveling can be much more than that as it has so many benefits we usually don’t know about.

There are proven benefits of traveling, including affecting mental and psychical health. We have put some of the facts together.

Significant in reducing the risk of depression

It is quite shocking that traveling reduces the risk of depression. A clinical study in Wisconsin proved that it lowered the risk by traveling at least twice a year. They compared the results with people that haven’t been traveling for past two years and the difference was obvious. While in modern times, exposed to stress everyday and time frames we are caught in, we can reduce the risk by simply traveling. A great fact for travel enthusiasts. And one of the benefits of traveling as well.

Of course it doesn’t include business traveling. That wouldn’t make any sense, right?

So what do we suggest for lowering the risk mentioned above. Take at least one trip to an inspiring place, with a lot of cultural sights and venues full of happiness and joy.

This years hit is South – East Europe!

So, for the first one, – we recommend Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.

Charming town with lively vibe and cultural venues. Very safe and easy to go around. We also need to mention that Ljubljana means The Beloved One in Slovene.

Stress relieving as another of benefits of traveling

We will use the info on another clinical study here. It found that travelers are less anxious and more relaxed. The best thing about it is that they took the test in a matter of three days after travels returned home. And repeated it in several weeks. It has been proven that they are in a better mood and they feel more rested. Another big plus as a benefit of travel.

Here, we recommend Croatia.

We did not pick the specific city, because the country is gorgeous and their coast is amazing. Water is one of the cleanest on the planet and charming little coastal towns will definitely relieve your stress. A must visit.

It will make you healthier

Yes, you read it right. Global Commission on Aging study found that if you travel at least twice a year, it will lower your risk of heart attack. While the risk of people that have not been travelling in past six years is very high. that is a great benefit of travel. You enjoy and keep your body healthy! What could beat that!

Our recommendation – Greece.

We all know that olive olive is great for your heart. And they have the perfect olive oil. Book@Me Members’ favorite.

Travel makes you creative

A professor at Columbia Business School, A. Galinsky is an author of a lot of studies on how creativity is connected to travel. It is proven that creativity is one of the big benefits of traveling. But, you need to be engaging. We will quote him here saying that “Someone who lives abroad and doesn’t engage with the local culture will likely get less of a creative boost than someone who travels abroad and really engages in the local environment.

If you want to be creative, visit Belgrade. Definitely our recommendation.

As you can see, there a lot of benefits of traveling. Enjoy your travel knowing that it is good for you. and this is the best thing about it right?

Dear passengers, please remain seated 🙂

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1 year ago

Thanks for the info, I knew it affects your health in a positive way. Stay healthy and travel…