Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Bloggers

There is a way where you simply can find the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers.

Join one of the best affiliate programs for travel bloggers. The one that offers you the highest commissions but you’ve got to travel after a program on your own. So you would possibly need to join on to a particular site so as to get on their affiliate program.

Here are some of the best Affiliate Programs for Travel Bloggers

Travel Payouts through Book@Me is

The Ideal Travel Affiliate Network to Monetize Your Travel Website

They cover the entire range of travel services, including flights, hotels, car rentals, insurance, transfers, and much more.

  • 30 Day Cookies – All user purchases made within this period via Jetradar or Hotellook are credited to your account, with purchase details displayed in your Dashboard.
  • High Conversion Rate – They’re constantly developing and improving Affiliate Tools.
  • High Income Revenue share is up to 80% for each sale. The more you sell, the higher your income. On average it’s 1.6% for a flight booking and 6% for a hotel booking.

The best thing about this program is that even if you don’t have your blog or website or you’re just starting out in the blogging scene with only a few hits a day, it is probably the right time to join this network.

Hotels Combined

affiliate partner program allows you to earn commission by adding our fully customisable accommodation search tools to your website.

Partnering with them gives your users access to over 1.4 million hotels from all the top hotel booking sites.

  • Access to all accomodation suppliers worldwide from one platform.
  • Customize the best touch points for your site, to help visitors find and book the best accommodation.
Commission Junction Programs

If you’re a blogger with an established audience, or an entrepreneur with high-quality traffic on your website the network above is perfect for you. Or you can be an affiliate through Commission Junction Programs listed below as Travel Bloggers who have found success recommend to create your blog’s content about the product. For example – You visited Spain, let your readers know what and how to visit in perfect way:

BookingBuddy is currently accepting new members to its affiliate program, hosted via Commission Junction.

Affiliates will receive a commission based when they refer user and subscribes to BookingBuddy‘s Top Travel Deals newsletter – a weekly email that details the best travel offers available for airfare, hotels, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages and more. affiliate program offers your site traffic access to that uses innovative technology to facilitate the process of researching, planning, and booking trips for millions of people daily. Business and leisure travelers alike will love the cache of options for finding flights, hotels, car rentals, and more at great rates.

This affiliate program markets to business or leisure travelers that look for a relatively inexpensive and stress-free way to book their next flight, hotel, car, or cruise.

The question remains

So the question remains, how can one achieve success at this? Some people took years to work out how they will make money out of their travel blog but with affiliate marketing, you’ll easily make money as long as you retain these strategies in mind.When you write your blog, confirm that you simply specialize in the contextual links.


Create a post that permits you to inject references to an affiliate program that you simply have signed up to. An honest post is simpler in generating traffic comparing to banners.


Content is extremely important. It might be anything really as long because it is said to the travel services you’re promoting. You’ll write a travel service review, based a story on your personal experience while experiencing (what you’re promoting) and therefore the likes.


Just confine mind that you simply got to have an quality content that’s insightful and valuable to your readers. It may give them the urge to shop for the travel services or learn more about it.
Try to negotiate higher commission rates especially once you are generating tons of leads and making plenty of sales. Don’t think that the rates are fixed. You’ll mention it and ask if they will provide you with higher commissions. Because your blog is effective too. It could even be about places to travel , where food bloggers can go if they’re traveling, the simplest spots to drink wine etc.


If you would like to be a successful travel blogger then you would like to have the mindset of a winner if you want to get more income within the future so find the best Affiliate Programs for Travel Bloggers to be the one.

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