Book travel with Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies became a part of our modern life. Travala lets you book travel with bitcoin. As you can pay for hotels and holidays with a credit card, you can also pay with your favorite crypto. At over 2 million properties in 230 countries worldwide.

To get a $50 bonus with Book@Me, join via this Travala $50 Referral Link, and you’ll get $50 worth of AVA rewards. You can book travel with bitcoin as well. Please read more below.

Also, if you want to get some free Bitcoins, you can use Cryptotab browser. It is free.

About Travala and Crypto booking

Founded in 2017, currently offers over 2,000,000 hotels and accommodation covering 90,124 destinations in 230 countries and territories. They aim to be 15% cheaper than the rest of the market. Travelers can book travel with bitcoin or use 21 different cryptocurrencies. In addition to credit/debit cards, of course. Also they have the option of earning real-world valued rewards with every booking.

Some Features

Up to 40% cheaper prices than mainstream travel booking sites.

2% back in AVA tokens for your each stay.

What is AVA Token?

Travala uses AVA as a native crypto token.

You will receive your travel rewards to your AVA wallet. AVA is used for your future travels as well as any travel refunds if they occur.

You can withdraw your AVA from the Travala to an external crypto wallet. If you don’t have one we, recommend Coinbase (FREE $10) or (FREE $50). They are free.

Once your withdraw AVA to an external wallet, AVA is exchangeable for other cryptos or cashed out to your local fiat currency.

How to Make Money with Travala?

1. Create your free account.

2. Make your first booking with Travala

3. Earn $50 worth of AVA rewards to your Travala wallet after completed stay or travel

Invite your readers, followers or friends to join After they create an account and make their first booking of $200 or more, you will both get $50 worth of AVA rewards to your wallet after the invitee completes the stay at the property.

Travala referral rewards will be paid in the AVA token directly to you and your invitees wallet.

Book travel with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and get a $50 bonus reward after completing your first stay.

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