How to travel for free

We all love to travel. Some of us prefer luxurious travel, some more exploring types of travelling. But also there is a way of how to travel for free.

Lots of our members and readers will already say – Hey, we are already doing it!” We are members of Book@Me or have read about your tips on affiliate programs for travel bloggers and know how to travel for free and how to make money with travelling.

And you are right. Travel blogging is the best answer to how to travel for free.

Years ago the author of this post met a guy who was struggling with his job, but was passionate about travelling. But he was very good in Tai Chi. So he started blogging about his classes in the small town where he lived and suddenly got tons of followers and readers. In a matter of months he got a proposal Would you work for us. Hound out how to travel for free.

The company wanted him to travel to famous resorts and practice Tai Chi with their equipment. The only downfall was what he did not know. He thought that he will be paid more in USD so he was sticking to the price in dollars. But the company was offering the same amount in GBP. This brand was from UK, that is the reason. Well, no matter what, he signed the contract and the company is sponsoring him now. Not only he travels for free, but gets money for his favorite hobby.

Don’t wait for offers – search for them

As you read above there is a way of how to travel for free. There are literally tons of travel agencies that want to stick out. The market is pretty tough. The best thing about it is that Travel Industry is evergreen and more and more money invested in this branch.

There is no secret that every company in Travel Industry LOVES travel bloggers. They posses great influence power and according to the statistics of . More than 40 % of people bought online product after seeing it promoted by influencers – travel bloggers. 32 % of generation Y purchase a product presented by an Influencer and only 1 % by seeing it in the ad.

So because of that go ahead and search for affiliate offers from the companies.

What to search for

First of all there are two main things that are solid. Your content has to have good quality and you need to pick the quality partners as well. How to travel for free if the company you affiliating with has a bad reputation? It can harm yours as well.

Go to their pages like Agoda. They offer a great range of hotels. If you want to get paid for flights as well, use our recommended Travelpayouts.

Hotels Combined is a great option too.

Scroll to the bottom of their pages, find the link Affiliates and see what they offer. All of the companies provide great tools for travel bloggers, because they are their best promoters.

How to get paid

So now we know how to travel for free. Now we want to get paid. Yes, there are options like Paypal an similar, but they often have certain limitations.

Of course you can get your paycheck to your bank account now. But if you want to separate it from your current banking there are some great options.

You can sign up for a free bank account at N26 or Revolut and they charge no monthly fees. Transferwise operates as a bank as well and has the lowest transfer fees. They are easy to set up and you can except payments in not time. but you need to order their cars of course to use money wile travelling.

So, this concludes our How to travel for free post. If you have any new ideas you are more than welcome to present them in our comments.

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