Intrepid travelers Summer 2020

Believe it or not – the summer of 2020 is going to be the boom for intrepid travelers. There are some facts indicating this trend so let’s check them out.

Summer Season in South-East Europe This Year

The COVID-19 outbreak made undoubtedly a huge impact on the Travel and Hospitality Industry. While Italy was extremely affected by it, two neighboring countries – Slovenia and Croatia were somewhat lucky to avoid that hit. So why do we predict that the summer 2020 season is going to be great for backpackers, solo travelers and intrepid travelers?

Croatia and Slovenia – most wanted this year for Central European tourist

Let’s see what is to be expected in Croatia, for example. People from other countries that own houses and boats in Croatia will definitely want to visit their properties. According to the Croatian Ministry of Tourism these will be the first tourists in Croatia in summer 2020. Of course when epidemiological conditions permit. This statement is based on the fact that many tourists – not only intrepid travelers, plan to visit Croatia and Slovenia because of their so-called good epidemiological overview picture. And not to forget – there are more than one hundred thousand Slovenes with their own real estate on the Croatian coastline. Slovenian citizens own about 110,000 apartments, houses and holiday homes in Croatia. Mostly in Croatian Istria and Kvarner.

Czech tourists this summer

For summer 2020, Czech travel agencies are planning the arrival of tourists to Croatia and Slovenia in accordance with all epidemiological measures. In the Czech Republic, tourists plan to have medical certificates confirming that they are not infected with the new coronavirus. And they will be arriving in Croatia by special flights to Split and Dubrovnik, or by car along designated road corridors. Also the will not need to go through the mandatory 15-day self-isolation or quarantine as Croatian newspaper Jutarnji List reported recently.  In the Czech Republic, it was estimated that Croatia and Slovenia are the epidemiologically safe countries. So, no matter what, every trip planned in the summer ahead is going to be a part of intrepid traveling.

What about the rest of the Mediterranean?

One thing is for sure. This virus has definitely taken a toll on the hotel and accommodation sector of the industry. Even apartment rentals like Airbnb or HomeAway are facing a huge fall in their indexes. With all the safety measures that hotels will have to deal with in the future. Starting with the summer 2020 season, it looks like it’s going to be a huge challenge. Organizing meals, safety, social distance and limited socializing will become a big bite for the hotel owners.

Intrepid Travelers and Backpackers to Europe this summer

With all the information we have collected, national tourism boars of many Mediterranean countries have turned or planning to focus their marketing strategy on solo travelers, backpackers and intrepid travelers in the summer 2020 season. Prices for camping, for example, have gone down dramatically. Also companies that work directly with intrepid travelers, get a lot of cheaper packages and discounts. While hotels are going to have to be a bit cautious in the summer 2020 season, other sectors in tourism with less crowded offers will prevail.

Please note. This is our opinion based on information gathered with different sources. What your summer 2020 season is going to look like is solely up to you. No matter if you are an intrepid traveler or not. If you are or want to be one, take a look at the offers above. One thing is to be sure. We all are going to be lucky to travel at all.

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