Social Isolation Travel Tuesday

Social isolation suddenly became a part of our lives. Travelers are among the most affected ones. Here are some of our Travel Tuesday tips to overcome it.

Even though Travel Tuesday only happens once a year, we decided to dedicate our Tuesday posts to travelers and make every Tuesday a Travel Tuesday one.

Travel Tuesday

Organize how to spend your day in social isolation

It’s the time to make your living space as comfortable as possible. Travelers need a central space to spread their energy. Even f it’s just a table in the living room. Arrange it so it’s clear – here I am, it’s my temporary center.

Social isolation at the time means no close contacts. Tell your neighbors clearly that you need peace of mind because you are blogging, reading a book, or doing something else. It may not be immediate and will need to be repeated several times. But they will eventually understand. It is also benefiting them. You could also explain why this is so important.

Use headphones to mute any bothering sounds around you. Listen to some of your favorite music for relaxation. Or listen to music that you heard on one of your favorite travels. Music is a good friend in social isolation.

It will be a clear sign that you need a retreat.

But don’t completely block people because of the situation. As a traveler you are an open person. Ask your elder neighbors if they need something from a local store. Maybe they are not able to do it themselves. This way, you will only spend more time outside. You will also contribute some of your good to the society.

It will probably take some time for you to establish a rhythm. Certainly a friend is in a similar situation. Contact them. Text, call in distress is a great way to overcome it. Social isolation does not mean distancing from social media as well.

Prevent depression

Admit it or not – travelers can get very depressed when not traveling. Mental health is on of the benefits of traveling. Read this post and you will see why.

Make a schedule for each work day. Check the assignments you have. If you are a travel blogger don’t stop writing. Keep everything up to date. Or join us on Travel Tuesdays.

Also put some fun, relaxing things into your schedule. Write down funny memories of your travels. Read blog posts from others. Watch a a movie. Cast away is not an ideal one in this situation of social isolation though…;)

We recently stumbled upon a challenge to build a travel fund. It is worth trying and keeps you busy. You can check it out here.

That’s it for this Travel Tuesday. And remember, as usual:

Dear passengers, please remain seated 😉

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