social media influencers and travel bloggers

Both, social media influencers and travel bloggers have a huge impact on the industry. But what is the difference, if there is one?

Social Media Influencers are social media or online social network users with credibility in their field of interest or industry. Travel bloggers are usually owners of websites or blogs with an established credibility as well. Both of them have large audiences and have impact on their followers or readers. Their authenticity and the reach they both have is a great marketing potential.

To be an influencer or not?

One of the influencer marketing platforms has recently posted an article on How to become an influencer explaining that travel bloggers are more than just influencers. Their credibility is huge and readers love credible authors. But there is a little difference. Not every blogger wants to act like social media influencers. Or to be one. Because majority of authors of blog posts don’t write them for a reason of making money. We wrote a post on Travel Agent Affiliate Programs explaining how to make money as a travel blogger. Actually we found out that majority of bloggers don’t see their blogs as money making machines but as a great way of expression. We totally agree.

Do bloggers make money?

Of course they do. They need to make money online at least to keep their blog up and running. Usually posting ads is one of the ways to fund blogging expenses. Also there is a great potential with sponsored posts if they decide to. Usually those post don’t harm authors’s credibility. On the other hand they can be annoying if too many of them. Social media influencers don’t have this problems. So dear readers… If you love your favorite travel bloggers and their work, don’t get in a bad mood when a post is surrounded with some ads. This way you will keep your favorite writer running along with their creativity. Without worries about shutting down their blogs.

Social Media for bloggers

Most of the blog owners have social media accounts. It keeps their audience growing and active. They also can make posts on SM like social media influencers as they do on their own blogs. And it is hard to find a blogger that doesn’t want to be followed by mass of people wondering about their whereabouts.


What is the difference between social media influencers and travel bloggers. Actually there is only one. SMI influence their audience only on social media, post authors use it combined with their blog. And what matters the most – they both love the work they do and share it to the people.

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1 year ago

I do admire both SMIs and TBs. They have flexible jobs and can build great blogs based on their interest. It’s not easy to create content and attract many followers at first, but they surely feel awesome once reaching their goals. Nice post!

Britt K
Britt K
1 year ago

I’ve heard these terms used interchangeably a lot, so it was interesting to read a breakdown that defined the difference between bloggers and social media influencers. As a blogger, I enjoy knowing that I can use my blog to share valuable information that can genuinely help my readers beyond just recommending products.