Top 3 Travel Bloggers To Follow

Here it is. Book@Me has been around for a long time enough to announce the top 3 travel bloggers to follow. This list will be updated every month.

Our list of the Top 3 travel bloggers to follow and read starts with


According to his bio, @pangeasi is a “Travel guide having problems with guiding myself sometimes.” He says that he thinks he knows everything about the Travel industry. And he is challenging his readers to add and follow him to prove his wrong. He loves our travel bloggers community even though he admits that he can be a bit grumpy sometimes. It makes him even grumpier because he is currently saying no to new travels.

He’s gained his spot among the Top 3 Travel Bloggers to Follow on Book@Me list with a lot of posts. One of the most popular and shared ones was Travel Tips For Those That “Hate” Locals. It was and is an interesting topic indeed!


TinaQ is a sports travel blogger. She can’t do travel without sports and the opposite.

This “Travel and Sports Enthusiast. Two words that make a perfect combo! #World sportive #Nomad. Join my group @Bookatme and let’s share our adventures! Next stop – World!” top travel blogger to follow on Book@Me loves France. So, if you are interested in Things To Do In Nice, France – read her post and follow her to see what has she been up to elsewhere!


Solare is an Italian backpacker and solo traveler from Ancona. His life motto and equation are – Nature and Sun equal FREEDOM.
He also loves meeting new people in camps, and wonders if you have met him already.

His spot in the Top 3 Travel Bloggers To Follow list was claimed by a post that unfortunately did not come true. Also, his post – European Dream Destinations of This Spring was shared over 200 times. But as we all know, all the destinations mentioned were empty due to the coronavirus outbreak. However, keep on @solare, we will be visiting those amazing places as soon as possible.

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So dear members, readers, and followers of our community, please continue to support our Top travel bloggers to follow. Also don’t forget to add them to your circles or groups if you have them within our community.

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1 year ago

Thanks guys and congrats to the other top travel bloggers! 🙂