Travel Influencers and making money on the road

Being a Travel Influencer and making money on the road sounds like a dream job. But does it exist at all or is it just a dream?

Traveling, best hotels, best food, best parties, best places, no worries…And making money on the road as a travel influencer. Very nice, it even looks cool for a resume!

Boring travel jobs that pay

Yes, it is true. There really are some travel jobs that pay you for – doing nothing. One really is not a travel influencer but he/she is making money on the road doing nothing. Well, actually not on the road. But on the rails.

Two artists from Sweden S. Goldin and J. Senneby have created a conceptual art project. This project involves hiring someone to work at Korsvägen, a train station in Gothenburg, Sweden. But this train station is closed and will reopen in 2026. So, what you would be doing on this newly reopened train station?  

According to the job description, there are no duties or responsibilities, other than turning on and off the lights in the station. The best thing that you will not be fired and you can keep the job as long as you want. Artist wanted to stage the performance of someone suffering from severe boredom. If you are comfortable with boredom and you think this is the ultimate way to make some money on the road then go ahead and apply. You still have 5 years to think about it as the earliest applicant will be invited to the job interview at the beginning of 2025.

You want the travel influencer excitement and not boredom

Now let’s get to the real jobs for travel influencers. You can travel and write reviews for hotels and we will discuss it a bit later. Influencer marketing is obviously a big deal in the Travel Industry as well. But how big?

According to Traackr, one of the largest influencer marketing platforms, this impact is huge. Let’s dig into some data.

A hotel chain started using this specific marketing platform. We are not going to explain what hotel chain that is as we are not business-related or in any way affiliated with them. The same goes for Traackr. We are going to name this hotel chain XY but you can look it up yourself if you are curious what is the name of it.

Case study results

Benchmarked among an independent panel of ~10,000 travel influencers, XY increased mentions from influencers by 167 percent resulting in a 238 percent increase in reach during the first year with Traackr. During the same period, visits to their websites from social media grew from 9 percent in 2017 to 12 percent worldwide in 2018, while in Europe that figure increased to 16 percent. Meanwhile, mobile sales increased by an astonishing 491 percent from 2016 to 2017, generating €33.8 million.

Are travel influencers being paid enough?

The numbers above are really astonishing. Regarding that fact, travel influencers can charge for their services according to the results. And get paid better if they perform like in the case study above. No matter if you are a brand or a traveler, travel blogger, online travel agency, or photographer, there are jobs that pay really well! Also has a group of travel influencers and by asking them to join the group, you can become a part of them with the help of our travel community as well. On the other hand, brands looking for a travel influencers can contact us and we will connect both of you. The contact form is at the bottom of our front page.


Whether you love being bored or you want to make money on the road as a travel influencers, there are ways to enjoy your traveling. And if the exposed life is not for you, we owe you the information on the salary of the job in Sweden. It’s approximately $2,650 a month. Not bad for being your own boss.

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