Travel Tuesday Travel Memes

Travel memes have always been fun. As they are relatively new, here are some of the latest for this Travel Tuesday.

The term “meme” was first used by a biologist Richard Dawkins. He believed that cultural ideas are like genes. He thought that our concepts as a society spread from brain to brain, multiplying and mutating as they went. The resulting trends were his definition of a “meme.” What about some fun travel memes on Travel Tuesday?

Let’s check Twitter. And find some interesting ones.

@travelagentmeme is being realistic. Maybe watching your laundry getting washed is not so pretty as La Tour Eiffel, but might be calming.

@tyler_casper posted a travel meme about the vision people had about modern traveling in these days. Sad, but unfortunately true.

@5foottraveler Sarah has a great point here. We will definitely be the youngest ever today.

@juliebonner knows this Alpaca that is obviously ready to pack its own bags. But male Alpacas usually don’t pack themselves.:)

@roundpeg is totally right. This is something we don’t want to see at all. Have you ever caught yourself staring at the runway mechanics before the takeoff?

@BuzzFeed presented a hilarious travel theme of Spongebob Squarepants. Is that really the look? If that’s the case and you have experienced it, please comment below.

@boredpanda knows the difference between expectations and reality. This indeed is a realistic travel meme!

@Clarissa_Laskey has a good question…What is your answer?

@JustTravelMemes shared this travel meme. After all, this is a big plus for solo travelers.

@fodorstravel made his own travel meme with the help of his coworkers. That was a great idea! which photo is your favorite one?

@worldofleedham posted a link in the description and if you want to see more of them, make sure to check it out.

@bookat_me is of course the username of Book@Me. The picture above is not exactly a travel meme, but Journo offered to give away some free personalized and funny luggage tags. Hopefully we will need them as soon as the current situation is over.

That’s it for today’s Travel Tuesday Travel Memes. If you like the authors and their profiles, like their memes or follow their profiles. And don’t forget to follow us.

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