travel restrictions during coronavirus outbreak

Special travel restrictions are lately imposed by many countries due to coronavirus outbreak. What should travelers do? What about insurance?

Travel blogs and online travel agencies are literally flooded with questions and comments about coronavirus. And they are no exception. It affects not only leisure travelers but the Travel Industry as well. In this firs post in this topic we are going to cover travel insurance.


Should insurance companies cover cancelled flights and trips?

Why is there a should? You need to read your policy really good. You need to look for the policy terms stating that it covers your cancellation costs in case of epidemic or pandemic disease. Including traveling to a travel warning zone. Of course insurance companies usually don’t use the exact terms as above. But there is a case when they do. In case passengers have insured their trip prior the declaration of epidemic. They can claim reimbursement because of travel restrictions. Although some airlines can invoke extraordinary circumstances in the case of a flight cancellation. They can waive from the obligation for reimbursement even when there is no epidemic.

Does travel insurance cover treatment costs if we get sick from coronavirus when traveling?

Insurance covers the necessary expenses for medical treatment abroad. Transportation to the home, loss or luggage and documents theft. Also including flight cancellation.

In the current situation of travel restrictions during coronavirus outbreak, it is particularly important to follow the country-specific safety instructions. In such situations, the insurance companies strictly adhere to the precautionary measures taken and instructed by the government.

Health insurance is not covering you if you are sick in a country with an epidemic or pandemic. There is a current pandemic in the world. So it basically means that insurance will not cover the cost of emergency care for coronavirus.

What is the difference between an epidemic and what is a pandemic?

The epidemic has been declared nationwide and the pandemic has been declared worldwide.

Is reimbursement an option at all?

Yes. In case you have already concluded and validated insurance policy prior the declaration of pandemic and travel restrictions. Meaning the policy involving the risk due to an event that is caused by the forces of nature without human intervention. And your country would adopt a measure that would lead to the cancellation. In the case of the cancellation due to virus, you will be able to claim the insurance payment from the insurance company.

We will get more information on other travel restrictions and try to cover them. Share some experience of yours as well. Different agencies have different policies. Share your story, if you have one.

We already spoke about flight cancellations. Stay safe. And home. Even though it is the hardest thing to do for a traveler.

More information about travel restrictions is here.

Dear passengers, please remain seated 🙂

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