what to do if your flight is delayed

Flight delays happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them. What to do when your flight is delayed?

Claim compensation for your flight delay or cancellation

Probably we all have been in the situation when our flight was delayed. Or even worse, cancelled. Mass rush at the airline companies counters and solving the problem begin.

I remember a time when my flight from Charles De Gaulle Airport from Paris to LAX (Los Angels) was cancelled. And the cherry on the the top was – there was no counter, no reps of the Airline company. I will not mention the company because it is not my intention to harm their reputation. But a quite big and known company should not afford a mistake like this.

So, what now? What to do when your flight is delayed?

Luckily I found this hotel very close to it and the hotel was just great. In this situation every little thing helps you calm down and they did a great job. That is why I mentioned it and it is a definitely a recommend!

Get to Action ASAP

So, I sat in the lobby having a beer for the nerves and started to look for the best solution . It was late in the night and call centers from the company would not give me the answers I needed. Also, I had an important meeting ahead of me. Not to be canceled as well. So, I searched good old Google for What to do if your flight is delayed and found what I needed.

I didn’t know that you may be entitled to as much as $700 in compensation if your flight has been delayed, canceled or overbooked within the last three years! Wow, so I started to look back with the corner of my eye..

There was an interesting find. I found out that if you are flying from or to a European airport you’re usually protected by some of the strongest air passenger rights anywhere in the world. A regulation known as EC 261 says that airlines must compensate their passengers if they disrupt their journey. So, if your flight is canceled at short notice, delayed by 3 hours or more, or you’re denied boarding through no fault of your own, you could receive up to $700 in compensation.

What about other US and International Flights?

The USA has clear laws about overbooking passengers on flights. If you’re denied boarding due to your flight being overbooked, you could be owed up to $1,350 in compensation.

Passengers in the US also benefit from clear regulations on tarmac delay and luggage issues, but in many other respects, US air passenger rights are unfortunately lacking.

To date, over 130 nations have signed up to the Montreal Convention. This ensures basic passenger rights for air travelers flying between member nations – effectively most of the world.

The agreement says that passengers can claim money back from the airlines whenever they have been left out of pocket due to flight disruption. That includes delayed and canceled flights, as well as issues with checked-in luggage.

That’s great info to know what to do if your flight is delayed.

Know Your Rights

You need to know your rights in the case of:

  • Overbooking compensation
  • Air Passenger rights
  • Flight Delay compensation
  • Flight Cancellation compensation
  • Missed Connection compensation
  • Overbooking compensation
  • Airline Strike compensation
  • Denied Boarding compensation
  • Delayed Baggage compensation

Who can help?

Who can help if you don’t know hat to do if your flight is delayed or anything mentioned above. I found a company that does that and it is called AIR HELP. They have a very high trust score at Trust Pilot. And they have helped in over 16 million cases over past 6 years. So, it is definitely a company to go with.

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The bottom line

Yes, AirHelp did help me as well and they are on my saved list for future. You should save them as well. I quickly booked another flight with Skiplagged – they are the best option in situation like this as mentioned in this post. My other alternatives are BookingBuddy or CheapAir as I can find shuttle service connections with them and ShuttleFinder.

As you can see there is a way of what to do when your flight is delayed. Use the options above, finish your beer and relax. This is what I did.

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