Travel Influencers

Do they really have secrets? Is there really something that travel influencers don’t want you to know? Let’s figure it out.

Being one of travel influencers sounds like a dream job. What could be better than traveling and making money at the same time? Even if travel expenses only are covered, it sounds like a great deal.

Who are influencers?

We already wrote something about them in our social media influencers post. There are different kinds of travel influencers as well. No matter which tribe they belong to, one thing is for sure. They have a lot of readers and followers that are loyal. And with the words loyal meaning that they really do influence people’s decisions. No matter if it is a travel destination or what to wear at the dinner watching a beautiful sunset.

Do they really have secrets?

Uhm..maybe secrets is a bit too powerful word. But travel influencers definitely have their own way of impressing people. The power they possess is the ability to influence their readers as a market, so they are very hot searchable stuff and staff in influencer marketing.

With that said, they do use some methods that are pretty useful in their job. Let’s say traveling expenses. If you want to be somebody in the travel industry, you need to travel of course. And traveling is not cheap. So there has to be a way how to at least travel for free. Making money is just a plus.

What about information bias?

There’s a thing in psychology called information bias. The gist of it is that people tend to believe that more information is more useful – that more is better. Often more information doesn’t actually add any significant value and can sometimes cause more confusion than it’s worth.  This is especially true to beginning anything new, including becoming one of the travel influencers.

So, the fact is that most travel influencers and digital nomads had to work their tails off to earn enough to pay their bills while exploring the world. And this is the little secret: experience is overrated.  It’s a fine line between gaining enough knowledge to do a job well and delaying your start. Just because you don’t think you have enough information.  And, if anything, information bias tells us that we are probably taking too long to start something. All in the false belief that we don’t know enough to begin. If you tend toward action over the information you’ll be so much farther ahead of the next person trying to do the same thing…

Can everyone become a part of travel influencers?

In our opinion yes. Some of Book@Me travel bloggers can help you with that. Check and connect with them in our members’ section. Get the minimum necessary information and start. Pick up the rest as needed. A friend of ours has just released a video that lays out this action… but no more than you need to get started.


Probably everyone among us has sometimes dreamed of ditching the office and traveling across the globe without money worries. And travel influencers get paid doing work they love from their laptops when traveling. If you want to be one of them:

Dear Passengers, please remain seated 🙂

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Fadima Mooneira
Fadima Mooneira
1 year ago

This is a good information about travel influencers. Thank you for sharing. You make learn something new from reading your post.