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As a travel blogger or a home-based travel agent, you need to carefully pick the best Affiliate programs for your blog as well as an online travel agency.

We will keep tying to find the best affiliate programs available and let you know.

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It’s also very important to try them as a user. Try their search forms, widgets, links and other tools available. If possible, use their services. That way you will get assured that you will be an affiliate of a reputable brand.


As an affiliate in the travel industry, you need to promote a program of a reputable brand. But most of the companies accept affiliates on a manual approval basis. That way is not so quick and it can take quite some time for them to check your site. Also, there is a better way if you choose to work with a company that combines all major car rental service providers. This way you need to be approved only once and you will work with the best companies.


That is a very program to get insider information. It is used by travel influencers and your margin for sales is very large.


This is not a program that is solely intended for travel affiliates. But it is a great tool to use it and to learn how to use it with the programs above. Make sure to check it out, because the failure rate is below 1,5%. With that said, we are pretty sure that you will succeed


If you want to promote a product that is related to travel but not limited to offers like accommodation and flights, this program has a decent affiliate program.

Please note:

Affiliate programs for the travel industry will be regularly updated. As we are checking and testing all systems and platforms available, we will publish ONLY the ones that are proven and reputable.

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