Cell phone is not a luxury as it was years ago, but a travel partner that needs to travel with you. It helps you to build traveling routes, to check the best places to visit or stay and eat. But roaming is still too expensive. There has to be a way to get an international SIM card for travel. When you are travelling, you don’t want to spend your money on calls and especially roaming. Above all, you need to communicate with your family and friends and if you are a blogger, you need to stay connected whenever possible.


The most expensive type of e-communication when traveling. While you don’t have to buy a new SIM card being a plus, even the cheapest roaming service from local operators will cost you a lot more than an alternative.

Local SIM cards

If you stay in a certain country for a long period, you will probably need a local SIM card. Local operators provide cheaper roaming and phone calls, so idea to buy it after all is not so bad. But it is not an international SIM card for travel. You can buy a package, but it will expire eventually. Also, calls to you home country can be expensive. Even if you top it up, it is inconvenient. Not to forget – if you would travel from a country to country, would you buy dozens of local SIM cards?

International SIM card

Regular cell phone SIM cards are tied to your operator, while international SIM cards are not. They can connect to local networks almost everywhere in the world and the best thing is, that you use only one card for your travels.

What is so good about them?

  • You own a number that is permanent.
  • International calls are cheaper.
  • Almost identical prices for roaming compared to local operators.
  • Topping up is very easy.
  • You can easily control your expenses.

The is an international SIM card for travel that we use and it is called called DRIMSIM. It’s a real game changer. It operates in 229 countries, and provides stable communication. Internet connection is fast and the prices are almost like the ones from local operators. Also, there are ho hidden fees, as you are charged by kilobytes for roaming and minutes for talking. We track our expenses via mobile application, which is free. Of course, you can top it up with your preferred bank card.

International SIM Card for Travel

Problem solved. Some countries do lock your data access when you are in a certain area mostly because of political reasons. So, if you are a travel blogger, you should consider using affordable and reliable VPN service not to be limited or disturbed by anything. You need military-grade protection online, that you can access all your favorite sites without restriction:NordVPN

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