Affiliate Settings

How do I become An Affiliate
You are an affiliate of our partner site. They will provide all the tools an links you need to start making money. Sign up on their page, edit payments data and use your ID in your links so payouts can be tracked.
How do I get paid

Book@Me is a community, so it does not offer payouts and it is not responsible for them as described in our Terms and Conditions.

All the payouts are processed through our partner site you are an affiliate of and they will process payments according to their Terms. Please provide accurate information for your payouts.

Member Page Settings

How do I add a post

In your Profile/Member Page click on More and find Articles. There are options displayed to create a new article or edit an article etc.

Please note: To prevent spamming post will be displayed after Book@Me approval.

member profile settings

How do I edit my profile

There are lots of options so please check them thoroughly. Click on a link Profile Settings and edit all the fields on this page that you feel are important and Save Settings.

In the left top section you can edit Social Networks, Profile Avatar and Profile Cover.

I am signed in – what is next?

Click on your profile picture in the right corner of Book@me homepage (still default picture until you upload yours)  or click on an arrow next to your profile picture to edit your profile

Widgets optimization

Widgets are a part of your profile that will be displayed publicly

There are some simple methods to make it useful as your affiliate section

  • If you want a link to any widget in HTML code to be displayed, click on Text tab next to Visual in Biography section and paste your affiliate code to be seen on your page. Save settings.
  • If you want to have any of your post to be displayed on your front page, choose Feature post and pick one or choose Latest post. Save settings