How To Travel On The Cheap

I have to admit – I am a travel addict. Since I was a student, I was looking for the best ways on how to travel on the cheap. It is possible and easy – when you know how to do it…

It’s not just my days in the classroom..Looking through the window and wondering what is going on behind the hill back there. And what is going on under that cloud that resembles Italian boot shape. I wanna travel! And I need to find a way how to travel on the cheap! Nothing has changed till the present day. I’m not cheap but why not experience more for less money.

Research Fights

Yeah, I know it sounds boring, but spending few hours researching before making decisions is a good thing to do.

Start with the basic. Find flights that are cheaper and Skipplaged is one of the sites where you can find flight companies don’t like to be revealed. Details about it are in this post. The whole point is that you find and compare the options. If Skiplagged doesn’t offer the best at the moment, CheapAir is also great, it can compare basically all flights as BookingBuddy does. I recommend those two.

Research Accommodation

Researching where yo want to stay is of course one of the most important steps of how to travel on cheap. There were almost no options for a private accommodation more than a decade ago. Of course it depends on who are you travelling with, but personally I prefer this method. Why? If I am staying at the hotel, I am literally bonded to the time. housekeeping, meals, other guest can be annoying sometimes…

I want to live like a local and I will explain it a bit later. So, I make a good research on Vrbo. I will tell you why I like them. You can basically rent everything! And once I actually did rent a small boat in my world’s favorite village of Naoussa, Greece (Paros island). I spent a great time there and I have to go through my notes and write a post about it. It is just phenomenal! And a place I kept for myself. Until now, I guess…

Live like a Local

I hate the standard tourist look and was often wondering if a classic tourist buys clothes just for the trip or vacations itself. I don”t see people in white socks and sandals and shinny Hawaiian shirts back home..

So – you don’t want to look like you want to take a photo of every pigeon in the town. Go and look for places where locals hang out. It is the best source of information. Where they eat, what they drink etc. As I was talking about Greece, there is nothing better to find a great gyros place that only locals know. Cheap and supper yummy! Blend in, you will save some money if you make friends with locals. They will be very glad to take you around if not treated as an ordinary tourist. But don’t trust just anyone you meet. It can be tricky sometimes.

Keep Your Money Safe

When you think about how to travel on cheap, money is of course your first priority. And what is the best way to avoid overspending? You are right, it’s your budget. I recommend debit cards (even though credit cards offer travel rewards). The reason is simple. You spend only the amount you were planning to spend. Or less in an ideal scenario.

I remember years ago when my friend traveled to Mexico and found out later that his credit card money was stolen – somebody was purchasing tech stuff. What he later found out was that the card was duplicated in one of the restaurant while he was dining. It was a quite long time ago and it was much more difficult to track your expenses.

So, get two debit cards for free, like N26 or TransferWise, load the main one (I use N26) with the money I will be spending and the other one as an emergency card if you went over your spending limit. But be careful anyway. The worst thing that can happen is that somebody steals the money previously loaded on the account, if you don’t notice it in a normal time frame.

Be Free

Lost of travelers decide for some form of guided tours. Especially in big cities with a lot of things to see and explore. Personally I have been on one only. But I loved it. It was my first time visiting Paris and didn’t want to miss a thing. So, I recommend Paris City Vision if you are there.

They offer Hop on Hop off service that I like the most. When you don’t know how to travel on the cheap and you still want to see as many attractions in the cities and you want to be free. Meaning that you can stay on the bus the whole time, but you can also stay longer at some attractions and hop on to the next bus with the same route. Love this option. It saves you a lot of money, because it is organized and gives you freedom.

And no, Paris City Vision is not the only one out there. BigBusTours is offering Hop on Hop Off service in all major cities of the continents. It definitely saves you a lot of time and money.

And at the end I hope and also know that you will save your money because you know how to travel on the cheap from my side. And I’m not cheap, but like to get more for less.

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