Serendipity for Travelers

The word serendipity basically means good luck in finding valuable things unintentionally. Is there any for travelers after the lockdown?

Internet traveling or to travel online

We had safe, reliable, and redundant, separate, and tangible channels for socialization, work, family, services, and travel. We went to work, we were visiting family and friends. And shopping in different shops in different places, paying with cash and otherwise, moving and looking through our own eyes. We visited the doctor when needed. We were watching TV over our own antenna or satellite dish back then, we bought music in shops and we used to travel and have fun. Then they gave us the Internet.

Travel Windows literally – serendipity

We got Windows as serendipity so we can be travelers over the Internet. We are visiting relatives and friends over the Internet, we go to church and meetings over the internet, doodling over the internet, shopping over the internet, paying over the internet, insuring and securing over the internet. Scheduling our doctor over the Internet. And phones are working just fine over the internet. Also, we are reading books over the internet, what else did I forget?

Travelers and travel, of course. Travel has almost become redundant, traveling has almost stopped. The Internet allowed us all this. we have become just some light bulbs at the end of the wiring. And we pay for this “convenience” to light. What if soon there will be no more need for light? Maybe the internet knows …

Serendipity for travelers

We need a Digital Detox!

Travel might be good for the soul, as mentioned in the travel benefits post already. But for real serendipity, we need to cut the cord and detox from everything mentioned above. Exclusive trips with no social media, no phones, and no cameras. Adventures unplugged from technology and plugged into the world. So there will be a light after all. Check this out:

Now Available! Digital Detox Trips: Exclusive departures with no social media, no phones and no cameras. Adventures unplugged from technology and plugged into the world.

P.S. Above is a reflection of my view of the world and the negative effect of the lockdown on the human brain. Maybe that’s why I am so grouchy.

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