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Even though English is a dominant language in the world, there are some areas where you can gain so much when you speak a different language

Travelers, no matter if they are travel bloggers or just on passive vacation, love to speak a bit of a local language. It always feels good if you know some phrases. It feels good and locals usually appreciate it.

There is a new way how to communicate now and I will explain it when you keep reading.

And sometimes it can get you in some kind of trouble if you don’t know a bit of how to speak a different language. I (author of this post) am not talking about ordering local food in the restaurant or finding the right way. Because usually you can get what you need using gestures and the universal one – a smile.

But what to do when one gets so confused and there is no other way than to explain? I had a pretty interesting occasion once in Bulgaria. With a taxi driver. When I approached him, he offered his service. That is what taxi drivers do, right? But he asked me using the wrong noun. At the time I did not speak Bulgarian, but spoke some Serbian. So, his offer for Where should I take you, sir in Serbian meant Where should we make out, sir… Different meaning for the same noun. I did (not politely) decline his offer to find out later what he really meant. So if you speak a different language, it can get you away of strange situations.

And this is just one of the occasions. Many fellow travel bloggers here at Bookat.me have similar stories to share.

What to do?

I speak a different language – not one but quite a few now mostly thanks to school and Pimsleur Method. I still think it is the best one and has the greatest effect.

If you are not into learning and there are just to many countries you are or you will be visiting there is a must-have. With technology everywhere and Google Translate you can be pretty good in communication.

I stumbled upon an interesting product – POCKET TRANSLATOR. Unfortunately it is available only in the United States right now.

With it you avoid language barriers on the go.

No mater if you do it hard or easy way, it is always great to speak a different language. There is an old proverb saying : ‘Tell me how many languages you speak and I will tell you your worth..”

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