Tips for Flying and Fear of Flying

I know, you are probably wondering why would I share tips for flying, when almost everyone is a frequent flyer today. And fear of flying almost doesn’t exist anymore…Are you sure?

We all had the moment, when we have been bombarded with info and tips for flying, especially before our first flight. And I mean really first flight. No matter if it came with a bit of fear of flying but I personally would listen to the tips of flying pros. So, now I could be one of them and here are my tips.

Safety first

Because of unpleasant thing happening in past years, security became our first priority when we travel. And I am not talking about security checks and everything that comes with it, but t start before booking your flights. There are so many airline companies today and if you will be changing a lot of carriers as an option you should consider it. As a precaution look up The most dangerous companies to fly with etc…And don’t forget your travel insurance

But there is a hack. Research may take you a lot of time and you can get lost in all this sites and data easily. What you need to do, is to look for your flight not on the airline company site, but on a comparison site. There are two reasons. You will have different options to chose from and here comes the hack. Travel and flight comparison sites don’t want to mess their reputation with shady companies. So they will be affiliated only to the best ones. And you will still get a decent price without worries that you will be overpaying. Their commission is based on a regular price and it doesn’t change. Use this hack as the first one of my tips for flying.


Be prepared

No, I am not going to teach you the lesson of preparation for the flight. Well, if you have a long flight, then some instructions can’t be annoying.

Show up early at the airport. This is usually the first tip before flying. I recommend taking a personal transfer to the airport an on your way back home. It is much cheaper than paying expensive airport parking and you are not in stress as a driver in case of huge traffic or rush hours. Speaking of stress, there is a great article about benefits of traveling.

Get some snacks prior your transfer. Snack on the plane are not very good…That’s all I will say about them. Plus, you constantly need to bug flight attendants to get you some. Also, snack are the airport food area are usually pricey and tasteless.

Special meal

When you book a flight for the first time, one of the best tips for flying and a travel hack is to request a special meal with flight attendants or when booking a flight. Why is it a hack? You will be served first and food is much more tasty because it is prepared separately. Trust me, I have been and still am doing it for years.

Fear of Flying

Aviophobia, fear of flying, is an anxiety disorder. There are some forty percent of the population that would report some fear of flying. And two an half percent have what a clinical phobia, one in which a person avoids flying. Or does so with significant distress.

So, if you are a bit afraid or anxious before your flight, you are obviously not the only one. Once I heard one of the tips for flying and it was regarding fear of flying. A former pilot was talking to my uncle an gave him advice, since he would resist boarding the plane ever in his life. He simply said: using “Visualization helps people deal with fear of flying, or deal with anxiety.” The images send signals to the body that it’s safe and not in a state of defense. Visualize a totally pleasant flight, nice people aboard an happy events after a calm landing. Sounds good to me.

When flying and you are anxious, try repeating to yourself things like “Planes are safe, Planes won’t go down because of turbulence, There are so many safety rules, so it must be safe…Because of the fact that there is usually a lot of people on the plane and reports in the event of plane crashes mention severe casualties, we usually take silly conclusions. In fact, plane crashes are rare an we all know that statistically planes are at least thousand times safer than a car. Let your repeating mantra be one of the tips for flying you will be using in case of a most fear of flying. Facts don’t lie.

To drink or not to drink

Yes, drink a lot of water. After you pass the security check, get yourself a bottle of water. One of my tips for flying hacks is that when boarding, the first thing I do when I step on the plane is to give an empty bottle of water to flight attendant. They have no problem filling it up for you an they will bring it to you when they count the passengers.

You might have a desire for a little bit of booze, especially if you suffer from fear of flying. But I would advise you to have a glass of wine if you need to drink alcohol. That’s enough and you avoid feeling nauseous when landing. And you want to land fresh an ready for adventures, right?

What I would suggest is to take melatonin. It is natural, it will calm you and you will be able to sleep. Sometimes you will have a hard time sleeping. You never know who is sitting next to you. By the way, don’t use earphones that are offered on the plane. Bad quality and a strange feeling even though they are sanitized. Use quality ones that you can use for a longer period.

Travel kit as a must

No, I am not talking about the ultimate survival kit in the case of plane crash. Readers that suffer from fear of flying might understand it like one. The last of my tips for flying is what to you pack and store in a carry on luggage:

Not to forget

One of the most important tips for flying that I am going to mention in this post is to read your government authority guidelines for travel. Especially if you fear of flying, you might look up some hot information about flying at the time. TSA’s website is very good and informative, they even offer you to pack according to their travel checklist.

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