Travel Tips hate locals

I’ve been in the industry for too long not to notice people that literally hate locals. Hey guys, you should really consider some travel tips here.

Leave your biases behind

Other things you must remember to leave behind are your biases. This is my first travel tip. If you have biases against people of a certain race and find yourself on a trip bound for a place where you will encounter them with greater frequency, better get a handle on yourself. Ask yourself where your biases are springing from? Are they justified? If you could find it in yourself to let go of biases, of thinking your race is superior over this one or yours is inferior to another, do it. Travel is a way to improve the quality of your perception, of your attention. One way to allow for that to happen is to open your mind to possibilities. To accept things are they are. To look without judgment.

Behave. An important travel tip.

Remind yourself, firmly, to behave. You’re in a different country with people who are different from you, whose cultures and social practices are a complete departure from what you know. One of the best travel tips is -Don’t make a scene. As much as possible, avoid any possible conflict or tension with anyone. Remember, you’re not on your turf. If things get nasty, you might find yourself at the losing end of things.

When it’s time to go, don’t stiff them. Don’t pay them through the nose. They’ve worked hard to earn a living. While not all guides are hard-working or likable or charming with great travel tips, there are really the remarkable ones, the ones who stand out, who were kind to you, who did try to make your stay as fun as possible. Hand over an extra dollar or two if you think their service has been worth it. So long as they’ve earned it.

Respect the differences

Don’t expect to be given advantages just because you’re a foreigner. In some communities, you are even expected to pay triple what the locals are paying. If some locals treat you especially nice, then great but don’t think of it as your due. Thank them and move on is the best travel tip here. Not all the folks you’ll meet on the road will be nice. Adjust. Respect the differences of your culture and theirs

Yes. Adjust.

Sometimes we judge without thinking, comparing things with how they are back home. They’re supposed to be different. Learn to deal with the difference. Respect it. Observe the locals’ traditions, their ways. Watch without passing judgment. Don’t blunder about, thinking what you do at home is acceptable. See if it is. If it’s not, adjust. And the word ADJUST should be your favorite travel tip.

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