Things to do in Nice France

Thins to do in Nice, France..Nice is nice, yes. That is why I intentionally mention the country as well, even though I don’t know about other cities with the name. Well, capital letter of a great word. That’s what I love.

Workout is very important to me. Wherever I travel, there has to be at least a decent gym nearby. And of course I prefer working out in the nature, but keeping your body moving is essential to me. That is why I decided to start writing a blog, here at Book@Me, so you will be reading about my sports travel adventures:)

Back to Nice. If you like jogging as I do, you will love to jog from the hotel (Promenade des Anglais) to the Castle Hill. This is about 6 km altogether in both directions. And reaching the top offers the best views in town. I recommend that you go there in the early morning or late in the evening. There are lots of people there, seeking their inner peace meditating or practicing yoga. Personally, I don’t, but I use mattresses for other activities. If you are not a sports type, there is no problem – because there are different ways to access this castle. Elevator is one of them :).

Promenade des Anglais

My lovely daughter Emma and I traveled to Nice. After checking in in the famous in Le Negresco, we started wondering what to do in Nice, France. Hotel itself has a nice gym and other workout places nearby, but what is worth visiting in this city?

Everybody knows that the best thing to do in Nice, France is to go along Promenade des Anglais, where you can do different kinds of sport activities. This promenade extends from the airport on the west to the Quai des États-Unis on the east, a distance of approximately 7 km. Perfect for jogging, if it wouldn’t be so crowded. amazing recreational spot though!

Old Town

There is a beautiful Old Town (Vieux Nice), that is the best explore on foot and a the place where you got many things to do. A lot of restaurants, boutiques and bars, where you can enjoy the french atmosphere. If you like lively markets, this is the best place for you. Because you will find food market, where freshness is a must and can be almost touched. Not to forget the flower market, where the colors and scents are just amazing! Every Monday they organize a flea market. Everything is quite cheap, but no trace of any fleas on my list of things to do in Nice, France… Only bargains 🙂

Matisse Museum

If you like art, you should visit Matisse Museum, it is a small museum, but decently represents the life and work of world famous and recognized french artist Henri Matisse. It is of course one of so many museums in Nice, but so far my favorite.

On the third day of the trip I started to ask myself about more things to do in Nice and I found a good option online. Musement is a cool way to discover cities like this one. Their offer includes a different types of city tours and passes, theme parks, food and vine tours. Also art exhibitions, sport and cultural events and skip-the-line tickets to attractions. No wine tours for little Emma, but skip-the-line tickets were extremely handy.


Of course there a lot more things to do in Nice, I will mention them in my future posts. And yes, my dear readers of new fellow bloggers, I did something that lots of friends were asking me to do. So I am happy to announce that I am a proud online store owner. So, if you need something for sports travel, check in! You are more than welcome.

And there is even a big chance that we will meet somewhere in the same outfit doing sports! Maybe in nice again, because I really love this place 🙂

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11 months ago

Very useful information! Welcome to blogging!