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Join us and post your travel hacks and tips. We will be happy to share ideas and recommendations you have. Also, feel free to join our Affiliate program for travel bloggers. What is better than making money when travelling or even be a home based travel agent. We have the tools to get you started for free. And when we speak about free, we mean it. If you decide to just read our blog, you will find interesting information of how to travel for free for example. Or what are the benefits of traveling. If you were wondering what do do when your flight is delayed or cancel, here is the answer. You will also be be informed of the latest travel destinations tips and whereabouts.


Comments are very welcome, because we are pretty sure that you have your own hack to share as well. Every traveler finds his own ways for the best voyage possible. As we love sharing ideas, we love to read and listen to stories. Travel hacks and adventures are unique and a great opportunity to learn about the world from other perspectives. Honestly, we don’t like diary like stories. We love unique adventures with a bit of humor spice. As each and every member or guest writer on our blog has an unique style of writing and expressing, it makes us a favorite place to read for travel enthusiasts or readers that enjoy our stories. And everybody is welcome!

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