Book@Me is a community of travel bloggers. It’s free to join and you can be a part of the travel community even if you don’t own your own travel blog. Our members share information about their travel tips, travel ideas, travel affiliate programs, travel destinations, and a lot of secret travel hacks.

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Join us whether you are the creator of your own travel blog content already or you want to become one. If you are a hotel|agency|restaurant or any manager in the travel industry, connect with our community and present your business. No matter who you are, let’s find those perfect secret places together!

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Promote posts from your travel blogs and link them to your profile page. Get more exposure and readers, meet and network with people that share the same interest – travel bloggers. Along with posting your posts and links, Book@Me is a community and network first, so your potential to make a great use of what it offers is really unlimited. Not to forget – your member profile page and portal with your posts will be indexed on all major search engines!

Share your ideas with other travel bloggers. And share your experience, travel tips and travel destinations worth visiting. Your readers love to read about your adventures.

As a member of our community of travel blogs you can join one of the affiliate programs – if you don’t have your own one. Make money blogging and partner with the most reputable names and brands in the travel industry. Also, you can white-label your travel blog as an online travel agency and be a travel agent yourself.

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Members get verified by linking their websites to our travel community.

Please use the following tag:

Book@Me Travel Community | Travel Blogs – The New Generation Of Booking


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After completion send us the URL where the link is inserted to get verified.

Book@Me is a community, so it’s important to follow some rules for posting:

  • Use SEO properly,
  • Optimize images and videos,
  • Check your post for grammatical errors,
  • Use the right keywords,
  • Post unique content.

All posts will be reviewed for approval before publishing 

Book@Me is a community. Because of that, it’s important to follow some rules.


  • Spamming,
  • Hate speech,
  • Inappropriate words or images,
  • Keyword stuffing, – use proper SEO,
  • Large images or videos,
  • Content copying,
  • Short posts with links
  • False impersonation
  • Linking to inappropriate websites

All posts will be reviewed for approval before publishing 


Simply – because visitors are able to read blog posts of their favorite author, read the reviews and recommendations, and Book@YourFavoriteMemberPage if, inspired by the content, they decide to book the next travel at the time. Click or hover over the icons to meet some of them!


TinaQ – Travel and Sports Enthusiast. Two words that make a perfect combo! #World sportive #Nomad. Join my group @Bookatme and let’s share our adventures! Next stop – World! ? Hey, don’t forget to visit my STORE


Me, Myself and I Around Me – This is the reason why I desperately need to see and enjoy every little corner of the world.


Travel guide having problems with guiding myself sometimes. Think I know everything about the Travel industry. OK, maybe I don’t. Yet. Add me first and prove me wrong. Love this community even though I am grumpy sometimes. Currently saying no to new travels. That makes me even grumpier!


Kree8 Yourself First to create a great world around you. Travel blogger that’s in love with the World. Follow or add me if you need a perfect travel buddy. ?


A Backpacker and solo traveler from Ancona, Italy. Nature and Sun equal FREEDOM.
I love meeting new people in the camps. Have we met already?

Explore Great Features of Book@me – How Does it Work

The New Generation of Booking

1. Join Us

Create your profile. Your journey to become a member of the travel bloggers community and network starts here. Please pay attention to the username – it will be the name of your page Profile and member page. Each journey begins with a great and unique name.

2. Customize Profile

Customize your profile with your profile picture, use a logo of your travel blog if there is one, change the cover image and update other details. Use widgets for your front page. *Pages without pics will be removed.

3. Present Yourself

Present yourself and what your travel blog is about. You can link to your original blog or any link to your social network profiles. We do allow inserting your affiliate links, but without spamming.

4. Create Unique Content

Try to be as unique as possible. You are presenting yourself and our network. Follow the guidelines described above.

5. Most Important

Check your post for any grammatical errors. We will only publish travel blog posts that have been proofread and written properly. If you write in a different language than English, please use a proofreader.

6. Use Free Tools

Use any FREE tool and customize it for your Profile Page – widgets, links, banners, search forms. Choose between the options of what will be presented on your homepage – Featured or Recent post. Your page can be used as an OTA.

7. Promote your travel blog

Promote your member page and posts. Link your existing travel blogs, arrange guest posting with other members, make a good use of social sharing buttons.

8. Travel as a Travel Blogger

Do what you like the most. You need some great and exiting writing material for your travel blog. Travel, write, enjoy… Can it get any better?

Thanks to you, we’ve recently created our own remarkable travel blog and started blogging ourselves. This site is full of information and insider tips! We love the community and it’s simply exclusive to book travel after reading a review or getting some credible information from a fellow member and a travel blogger. That way we know what to expect from the journeys ahead of us. Great job and we’re really proud to be a part of this travel bloggers community!

A remarkable and effective community for travel bloggers!
Julan&Goran - Travel Bloggers from CA, United States
Remarkable J&G
Book@Me - The New Generation of Booking


What is Book@Me?

Book@Me is a community of travel bloggers. It’s free to join and you can be a part of the travel community even if you don’t own your own travel blog. Our members share information about their travel tips, travel ideas, travel affiliate programs, travel destinations, travel hacks, recommendations and reviews.

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We will be happy to help you if you have any questions. You might also ask your friends or other more experienced community members for advice and tips. And of course – if you don’t find the answers, don’t hesitate to contact us via our support mail –

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Hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, tour operators, flight operators, and other travel businesses can apply to be listed on our community site.

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